Instructional illustrations. We'd be happy too...

Sometimes we get requests for other types of illustrations.  This time it was for instructions on how to install SwissStop (tm) RxPlus & VikingPro brake pads.  If your a cyclist you may have already come across them.  

This particular client wasn't satisfied with the instructions that were already in place on their packaging and employed us to show them our interpretation.

The original instruction set:

SwissStop Original-01.png

Part of the challenge was to fit all the required information in the available 3.75" x 0.625" (95mm x 15mm) space and yet maximize the size of the images to keep the instructions clear.

Our instructions for the RxPlus:

SwissStop RxPlus-01.png

Our instructions for the VikingPro:

SwissStop VikingPro-01.png

We enjoyed working on this project and hope that it serves SwissStop (tm) for many years to come.  

Our friend Dave from Page Design sent us this referral and Steve Marret at Helvetia Sports Ltd. made it happen.  Thanks guys!

If you have any inquiries about getting some Instructional, Patent, Design or other Technical drawings done, contact Steve at