"So what have you drawn?" - kaYoke for portaging your kayak

Portaging a kayak can be a difficult task.  Scott Gill, the inventor of the kaYoke, came up with the perfect solution.  A lightweight adjustable yoke that attaches onto the rim of the kayaks cockpit.  Simply slip the kaYoke over the kayaks hull, size up the jaws along the rim and pull the strap taught.  

Photo Credit: thekaYoke.com

Photo Credit: thekaYoke.com

Scott teamed up with a few designers in Toronto, including a former classmate of Illustrator Steve, Paul Mazzotta of HUB Design Studio Inc.  This product is truly a Canadian product with even the manufacturing being completed by Mario Romero's company Schnell Plastics based out of Toronto.

Scott has his invention on Kickstarter right now and will be ending on the 27th of July, 2015 so get in there and support this Canadian designed and manufactured product.

You can always keep up to date on this product by visiting kaYoke's website.