"So what have you drawn?" - The "Tongue 2 Teeth"

Brushing your teeth WITHOUT a toothbrush and WITHOUT hands, impossible.  Well think again, Adel Elseri invented a device that does just that.  Not only can this oral-hygiene invention be used while being occupied with other tasks, such as during your daily commute, it can also prove a necessity for people with mobility issues.

Illustrations of one of the embodiments. 

Illustrations of one of the embodiments. 

The "Tongue 2 Teeth" invention simply slides onto the users tongue and begin scrubbing.  Suction and a tight fit keeps it on and the built in crevices capture any loose and unwanted particles.


Tongue to Teeth-02.png

Rumour has it that this product is going to be appearing on CBC's Dragons' Den this October.  Feel free to check out more information on the Tongue 2 Teeth product.