"So what have you drawn?" - Edge Again (tm)

There are many times that people ask me what I do for a living, quickly followed up by a slightly dazed look and the inevitable question, "So what have you drawn?".  As patenting is a very early step in protecting inventions, it isn't one that I can discuss a week after drawing it, a year, two or even longer.   

But sometimes I see a product on the market.  For this post the invention is a "Reciprocating Skate Blade Sharpener" or more commonly known as the Edge Again (tm).  It's basically a portable blade sharpener in which a handler runs along a skate blade as the reciprocating sharpener gives the blade two clean edges.  You can spot this invention not only at your local store or at the arena, you may even see it on tv being used to sharpen the edges of many NHL players as they jump on and off of shift.  In fact, one of the inventors is Chris Kontos, a former NHL player, who joined together with the talents found at Magna to do the engineering.

Here are a few of the illustrations that we completed for this invention: 

Feel free to check out more information about the Edge Again (tm) product.