2013, an already exciting year!

2013 has already ramped up to be a great year at Illustrator Steve.  

We have brought on a new illustrator, Jessica.  She recently graduated from Sheridan College, known for graduating some top talent.  Jessica will be a great addition to the team and will help serve our clients with their illustration requirements.  Check out more information on her in our 'Meet Your Illustrators' section.  

As Steve and his partner Lynn of Lynn Farms have been in B.C. for the last few years, it looks like they are going to stay.  Located on Gabriola Island, just east of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, it is time to set up a more permanent shop.  By the end of this year we will have a physical presence on Gabriola at the Madrona Marketplace as Phase 2 of the complex is completed.

And, last but not least, a new website and blog.  Look out for some fun, hot topics, and some interesting issues and announcements as we move forward.

We would like to thank our clients that have supported us for more than a decade.