Utility & Design Drawings

Illustrator Steve provides clients with a personal, professional service. We produce our Intellectual Property and Technical Illustrations in an accurate and timely manner.

At Illustrator Steve we can take something as basic as a sketch on a piece paper, or are able to use reference materials such as photographsengineering drawings,CAD (Computer Automated Design)CAID (Computer Automated Industrial Design) files and renderings, as well as prototypes and actual products, from which to create beautifully realized illustrations.

Proper, clear and detailed Patent Illustrations are key to a quality patent, design or trademark application. With Illustrator Steve’s decade of Patent Illustration experience and industrial design background, we are also comfortable working from any rough materials or parts, and even from three-dimensional models to create the highest quality Patent Illustrations possible.

All of our Illustrations are created digitally so that the highest quality line work can be achieved.  Having the illustrations produced this way also assures very quick updates and revisions if required.

Our rates are competitive with no hidden extras, and we enjoy building relationships with our clients. This approach to our service has inspired a level of client loyalty we are very proud of. Illustrator Steve’s valued clients can be sure to receive the best possible service from Patent and Technical Illustrators they know and can trust.

For further information about Illustrator Steve and our range of Patent and Technical Illustration services, please contact us by email at steve@illustratorsteve.com, by calling 1 (877) 505 3729 or via LinkedIn.

Technical Drawings

The same traits found in illustrating Intellectual Property  translates perfectly into other illustration projects such as, Instruction Manuals and Concept Drawings.  

We welcome a fresh challenge, if you require illustrations for a manual, website or other materials, let us know and we can discuss any options that there may be.